What About the Kitchen

I know I know, you want a nice kitchen in your house. There’s more to the house than just the kitchen though. Make sure you emphasize this when you make the plans for all your houses. Understand that though a kitchen may be very nice like the one below, it can require a lot of work and effort. Why not just live in a tiny house, which I also have a video on below. We can compare the two and then you can decide if the big kitchen or tiny house is more for your style of living.

First, let’s take a peak at the big kitchen of things.

big kitchen

It really is magnificent, but not eveyrone needs that. Not only that, a kitchen that big can be over the top for some people. There’s a great video that shows the benefits on the millenials who are now living in tiny homes. This costs much less, and also allows them the opportunity to travel the world. Pretty courageous if you ask me. Take a listen.

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  1. house (Post author)

    I actually just bought a tiny house and I absolutely love it.

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