Before You Get Started

Before you get started using a blueprint to build your own house, there are a few things you really need to know. One is building a house is quite hard. It’s not like you see in movies. You have to stand out in the heat and everyone gets really sweaty. Then Bill Cosby comes over, slips something in your drink, and before you know it, you wake up and your house still isn’t done!

What you really need to do before you build your house is have a plan. Whether that be to play computer games, ride a tricycle, or go to the beach, the plan will be the first start to getting that trailer on the water and drifting away. Before you do that though, understand not all homes are equal. One man’s paradise may be another man’s Detroit, Michigan. You must know which one is which in order to really get good.

I have a picture below of a man building a house. This should really lead you in the right direction on your journey.

man building house

Understand, with a little training and motivation, that could be you building that house. And that is just what you want right now… just what you want.